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As a Realtor licensed in Missouri, Kansas, & Georgia, Marcellus loves to keep up with all new market trends and opportunities. Marcellus is a Kansas City, Mo native that loves the big city feel so he moved to Atlanta, GA to pursue a career in merchandising. He later became a licensed Realtor in the state of Georgia. Since then he has moved back to good ole’ Kansas City to be closer to family. Being licensed in his home state as well as Georgia allowed him to learn how to present and market to clients of all walks of life. “Living in one of the cities hit hardest in the Real Estate crisis will force you to know the difference between a good buy versus a bad buy.” He often says and uses those experiences in his day to day life. He is one of the newest additions to the Trisha P Realty Group and plans to make a big impact in the Kansas City Real Estate market. He believes that everyone deserves to live their dream, including YOU. So give him a call and start your dream search.


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